Eavestrough Replacement London OntarioWhen you look at eavestrough replacement and installation, you will notice there are many different types to choose from. The one thing that many overlook is the color of their gutters.

The Color Of Your Home 

Before you begin thinking about that ask yourself one question first. Are your gutters visible? If they are on an area of your home that can’t be seen from the curb then you can choose just about any color but you may want something that is still appealing to your home.

Nearby Eavestrough Colors 

Your eavestroughs will run along your roof and exterior wall. It may be good to check with your Homeowners Association to be sure there are no regulations on specific colors that can only be used.

Roofing Color

A lot of people will pick eavestroughs that are the same color as their roof or exterior walls. Doing this will allow them to blend in and match the rest of the home. This is ideal if you don’t want them to be overly noticeable.

Accent Colors

Another option would be to go with a color that matches the trim around your windows and doors. You could also go with a color that matches your shutters or another aspect of your home’s exterior. This allows your eavestrough gutters to stand out while still matching the overall aesthetics of your home.

Choosing the color you want for your gutters doesn’t have to be complicated. The color is only one aspect of many things you will have to consider. At Gutter King Canada we offer a wide range of eavestrough colors and we can help you through the whole eavestrough and downspout replacement process.