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Commercial and agricultural buildings are entirely different from residential properties, both in terms of their physical size, function, and structural requirements. As a result, they require specialized commercial-grade gutters and eavestroughs. At Gutter King Canada, our Wyoming, Ontario gutter and eavestrough system experts can work with you to help you choose the correct, most effective rain gutter system for your specific needs and requirements, along with competitive prices and the highest quality installation.

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Custom Designed Commercial Gutters to Protect Your Property

As all general contractors know, gutters and eavestroughs are extremely important to the proper overall maintenance and the protection of any commercial property, whether it is an agricultural outbuilding or a suburban apartment complex.

So when specifying a gutter system for your commercial structure, it is very important that you know that the commercial gutter system you specify was properly designed and installed for your specific application so that it can help mitigate the effects of runoff and direct rainwater away from the foundation of your structures in order to properly reduce the effects of water damage due to foundational erosion, seepage and structural leaks that can develop over time.

Our Wyoming, Ontario gutter experts will assess your property and needs with you and work with you to create a custom-designed rain gutter system that will ensure that your commercial or agricultural building has the protection it needs to be effective year after year in Wyoming and Southwestern Ontario climate.


As you might think, commercial gutters need to be able to shed larger volumes of rainwater runoff than typical residential gutters. Therefore the most common size for commercial gutters is six inches rather than the typical five-inch size found in residential gutter installations. Six-inch gutters are also more suited to commercial applications since commercial roof areas are almost always considerably larger than their residential counterparts.

Commercial gutters are available in a variety of styles and materials, including standard K-style gutters and box gutters. Box gutters are more often found in commercial rain gutter systems since they are able to handle more rainwater.  While box gutters are more prone to clogging than K-style gutters, commercial properties typically have much fewer trees than residential properties, and therefore clogging is less of a concern. For situations where gutter and eavestrough clogging is a concern in a commercial building project, gutter guards are an excellent solution at minimal additional cost to the project.

At Gutter King Canada, our Wyoming, Ontario based commercial gutter and eavestrough professionals will work closely with you to specify the proper commercial gutter system in terms of design, style, materials, and installation for your property or building project and help you ensure that your rain gutter system is optimally engineered to be as effective as possible while providing years of trouble-free service.

T-Rex Strong Gutter System - Ontario
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Most technological innovations in the gutter industry involve fastening and protection systems. The T-Rex® Continuous Hanger™ has gradually replaced hanging systems that use nails and spaced hangers in commercial projects.

A continuous fastener like the T-Rex® is strong along the entire length, offering better support to keep the gutter from being warped or torn off due to heavy accumulations of snow and ice. This product also offers protection against leaves, samaras (helicopters), tennis balls, and other objects that can block your gutters.