Allergies, Mold & Mildew – The Eavestrough Connection

Do you suffer from allergies and no matter what you do they just don’t seem to go away? There can be environmental factors that are a leading cause of chronic illnesses. There are a lot of homes that have mold and mildew infestations that the homeowners aren’t aware of, and as a result, they may be experiencing health issues and don’t know why they are suffering. You may be asking what eavestroughs have to do with mold and health issues. The answer might surprise you.


Clogged Gutter Repair - London, OntarioWhen it comes to your home’s defense against water, your gutters are your home’s main defense. They drain water away from your home but when they get clogged then the no longer function as they are designed and damage can occur because of leaks. This damage can lead to mold and mildews.


Gutter King Canada in London, Ontario is a leading choice for gutter guards as well as gutter and eavestrough repair and replacement. The work we do can safeguard the health of your family and protect your home from water damage.


Prevents Mold and Mildew Growth

Clogged eavestroughs and downspouts allow precipitation to seep into your siding and collect inside your interior. Not only can your home foundation develop issues, but it can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew that can seep into your home which can become a health risk for you and your family. Then you have a serious problem that requires the attention of a professional mold and mildew removal and remediation specialist.


Skin irritation, wheezing, and breathing issues are all symptoms that you may be suffering from mold exposure. If you have allergies, then you may notice your allergy symptoms become worse. We all spend a lot of time in our homes and we need to make sure we do what we can to make it a safe and healthy environment. Gutter King Canada in London, Ontario can help keep your home protected by making sure your eavestroughs and downspout rainwater runoff systems are working as they should. To help prevent your gutters and eavestroughs from clogging, we offer complete, professional gutter and eavestrough cleaning, as well as comprehensive eavestrough repair and maintenance service. And to help reduce the need for gutter cleaning, we invite you to consider our expertly installed gutter guard systems.


Limits Insect Infestation

When water gets trapped in your eavestroughs because it isn’t draining properly, you can get a breeding ground for insects like mosquitos, and nesting space for squirrels and rodents. Mosquitos and rodents are not just annoying but they also carry diseases. By taking measures to keep your eavestroughs working properly, you help keep your family safe.