So What is the Average Cost of New Evestroughs?

gutter eavestrough replacement installation london ontarioIf you’re a smart homeowner, you’re quite familiar with the importance of a properly-functioning rain gutter and eavestrough system. You know that gutters and downspouts direct roof runoff water away from your home’s foundation. Conversely, not only do broken or separated gutters leave your foundation vulnerable to water damage, but they also detract from the aesthetic beauty of your home.

But what you may not know (but probably want to know) is this: what’s the cost of new eavestroughs? Obviously, the answer depends on a number of factors. But let’s look at some of the main cost determinants for a residential eavestrough (gutter) and downspout replacement project.

The Overall Size of the Project

The first step in figuring out cost is to measure your roof line. You don’t need to know the full dimensions of your roof; only the length of the spots where guttering sections will be hung. For a basic single-story two-slope roof, that’s the horizontal runs in your front and back yard. If there are bends and corners on this run, you should take those into account as well. For two-story homes, you’ll need to ascertain whether you need gutters on the upper story or whether the runoff water will fall onto the lower roof. You’ll also need to count your downspouts and measure how long those pipes are.

What Eavestrough Materials Are Going to be Used?

Next, you’ll have to decide which type of materials you will use for your new eavestroughs. By far, the most common choice is aluminum because it is lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. You can typically expect to pay between $5 and $9 per linear foot of aluminum gutters and the accompanying downspouts. So if you have 120 feet of roof line which requires new or replacement eavestroughs, materials costs should range between $600 and $1,080.

What About Other Types of Gutter Materials?

Unless you are a Homeowners Association (HOA) or in a municipality which mandates aluminum gutters, there is no reason why you can’t opt for a different type of guttering material. Vinyl gutters are a more budget-friendly option with a linear foot cost of between 50 cents and $1.00. The trade off, of course, comes with respect to their lifespan, as vinyl eavestroughs will tend to start showing wear before aluminum ones do.

On the other hand, there are other metals which are available besides aluminum. Galvanized steel is a viable option because it tends to be sturdier than aluminum. It’s a bit cheaper, too, at $4 to $8 per foot; but galvanized steel gutters are susceptible to rust, so they may not last as long. Copper gutters provide an attractive look for homeowners who want a bit more curb appeal. However, copper does run between $13 and $18 per foot, and it almost always requires professional installation by an experienced eavestrough installation company. Finally, stainless steel gutters are rustproof and longer-lasting than any other gutter material on the market. But the upfront costs can be steep: about $20 per linear foot.

Proper Eavestrough Installation

Finally, there’s the question of hanging new eavestroughs yourself or hiring a professional eavestrough installation company to handle it for you. The DIY option will save you money on labor costs, and if you get a helper or two, it can be done on a one-story home within a day. But installing gutters is harder than it looks; if they are hung with an improper pitch, positioned with the guttering slanted forward or back, or inadequately fastened to the eaves, they won’t work as intended. Therefore, it may be wise to leave the job in the hands of an experienced professional contractor and pay the additional $1 to $5 per foot labor costs to ensure it’s done right the first time.

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