Choosing the right eavestrough system for your home can be a process and it takes time to ensure your home is protected.

Gutters London OntairoThere is a Difference Between Sectional & Seamless Eavestroughs

A seamless eavestrough installation is one that has a continuous section that joins at the corners and at the downspouts. In many ways, seamless gutters are a superior option when looking to replace the eavestroughs on your home.

Eavestrough sections are composed of individual pieces of material that are bonded together in such a way for the eavestrough system. Each piece is attached to the other with a sealant, screws, or anchoring beams. This method is popular and is how most gutters were installed. The seams in sectional eavestroughs and gutters can pose a problem for your home. The more seams there is the more opportunity for water and debris to seep through.

Why Choose Seamless Eavestroughs & Gutters?

Seamless Eavestroughs and gutter systems are a superior choice when looking to replace your existing eavestroughs simply because of the continuity of the system.

Custom-fit: Because seamless eavestroughs are not constructed from a bunch of small pieces, they have to be custom fit to your home. Every home is built differently, so your eavestroughs should be made to specifically fit your home. This can also be a tremendous advantage years later when you are looking to repair or replace your existing eavestroughs.

Longer lasting: Sectional type eavestroughs and gutters are more prone to develop leaks and have breakages because of the various seams. A seamless eavestrough system will last longer because it is one solid piece connected to your home and there is less opportunity for water and debris to infiltrate.

Better design: Seamless eavestrough systems, because of the way they are constructed, have a more aesthetically pleasing design. This is an important consideration for many who value their home’s appearance, value, and curb appeal.

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